Designing or remodeling a kitchen? A waterfall edge island should definitely be a top contender for consideration on your design checklist. See why this chic and luxurious focal point is a must-have selection for so many homeowners.

What is a Waterfall Edge Island?

A waterfall edge is a design aspect that makes a 90-degree angle at the end of the countertop. Rather than simply ending with a finished edge, the countertop heads toward the floor and continues down the side of the cabinet, island, or seating area.

Intelligent design is critical to any kitchen project, and one that we devote a considerable amount of time to during the consultation process. However, once you have established the functionality needs, there are endless style choices to elevate your kitchen’s visual impact.

One trend that we continue to see time and time again is the waterfall edge island that showcases your stone selection as a work of art. A must on anyone’s design checklist, a waterfall edge is a dramatic statement, especially in open floor plan homes.

A trend in transitional, and especially modern kitchens, it is a great, monolithic presence that delivers major impact with clean lines that are so on-trend. While it can add cost due to the additional fabrication and installation time, it delivers a return on your investment by transforming a beautiful kitchen into a show-stopping kitchen.

How to decide if this is right for you? Our DEANE designers have samples and displays to show you how this can work in your kitchen. Contact us to schedule your private design consultation.

The Art of Steel

The waterfall edge, quartzite island has a Julien prep sink, with a dishwasher and steam oven cleverly hidden and readily accessible

Chocolate & Vanilla – Sweet!

Instead of a full island, this waterfall cast-glass extends out from the wall to form a bar with ample seating.

Island Modern

In this beachy, light-filled kitchen, a statuary marble countertop melts into a white, wooden floor.

Modern Point of View

A quartz countertop with subtle veining flows to the floor, creating a dramatic lengthening effect.

Pearly White

A white on white kitchen accented with wooden floors and subtle shimmery décor elements looks fresh and clean.