Zachary Ferrauolo ’23 is a member of the University’s student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

I Learned to be More Confident in my Ability and to Trust that I Really Do Have a Firm Grasp on My Future.

My internship at DEANE Inc., a high-end custom kitchen and bath design firm, enabled me to apply what I have learned as an interior design student at the University of New Haven in a real-world setting, while clarifying my career goals.

My internship at DEANE Inc., based in Stamford, Conn., undoubtedly gave me the hands-on experience that you just cannot get in the classroom. As an intern for the company, I learned how to utilize my education from the University of New Haven in a business setting.

Working with a small, close-knit residential kitchen and bath design firm, I was able to work closely with experienced and talented designers who made an immeasurable impact on my design career.

Applying my knowledge of interior design to the workplace, I was able to contribute to the design process from start to finish. Meeting with clients, hearing about the vision for their spaces, and bringing them to life is what makes it all worth it. Learning about things like business documents, product specifications, and technical drawings is only so applicable in an educational environment, but applying these things firsthand is the only way to really learn them.

Being able to effectively communicate and form relationships with clients, vendors, architects, and other professionals in the field is something I was always afraid of, but at DEANE, I was able to learn how to do these things. I learned that internships are about exposure.

Making mistakes and learning from these mistakes is all part of the process, as well as part of my journey as a student entering the professional world. At DEANE, I was given an environment where doing this was possible. I learned to be more confident in my ability and to trust that I really do have a firm grasp on my future in this field.

Before interning at DEANE, I often found myself wondering where I would stand in the design world after graduating. My time with the company gave me not only knowledge that I could return to the University with, but also clarity in my direction and goals for my career. I’m eager to bring the lessons from this wonderful experience along with me on my journey into the professional world.

Zachary Ferrauolo ’23 is an interior design major with a concentration in pre-architecture at the University of New Haven.