We were thrilled to partner with Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry, our long-standing production partner on this multi-room project. Read about this gorgeous white kitchen with double islands, beverage bar, butler’s pantry, a second working kitchen and mudroom.

Webster defines white as “the color of milk or fresh snow.” We would say white is “the staple color in kitchen design” as white, in all its versions, is still the most requested paint color at Premier. Celebrating white in this week’s post, we bring you a multi-room project by Peter Deane of Deane, Inc. in Stanford, CT. In this home, while all the spaces are beautifully proportioned and have wonderful details, the focal point is the kitchen with its double islands and gorgeous hood.

Graceful Elegance

In keeping with the architectural style of the house, Peter began the design process by specifying Plain Inset Cabinets with 5/4″ Weatherburne ll doors, with 3-1/4″ Wide Framing, and a 5/8″ Step Bead. For the finish on the kitchen perimeter, coffee bar, pantry, mudroom, and entryway Peter selected P- 3456-20, Decorator White paint. Crisp and fresh, this paint color can be found throughout the house.

To soften the bright, white palette Peter chose a Pacific Rim finish, Rudzin/WHYO on grain-relieved Rift White Oak, for the island cabinets. Maintaining an overall “white look” while bringing texture and a slightly warmer color tone to the space, this finish was the ideal choice!

Design details include elegant, curved brackets on the island, retractable doors on the coffee bar, and tiered crown molding throughout. Introducing a metal element to the rooms, Peter specified stainless steel for the island boot, the hood, and the shelf edges in the butler’s pantry. Loaded with accessories, the whole project includes LED dimmable lighting, walnut interiors, and lots of organized storage.

Adding a striking bit of color are the cabinets in the Dining Room Butler’s Pantry. For this area, Peter selected P-7429-90, Timber Wolf high-gloss paint. Weatherburne ll doors include Type C mullions and clear glass inserts, wall cabinet interiors feature cluster line boring, and base cabinets house additional interior accessories.

Creating an updated version of traditional style, Peter has designed another wonderful project for Deane, Inc. and Premier. Congratulations, Peter!