We love the opportunity to refresh our Stamford and New Canaan showrooms with what is currently trending in the luxury home design market. We strategically design our displays to highlight distinctive cabinetry design at its best. We feel that our showrooms are one of the things that set us apart – the best way to create your next bathroom is to physically be able to see and touch it. 

Designer Veronica Campbell designed this display with the intent to create a soothing and luxurious feeling master bath. She began with a transitional cabinet door with an inset application and painted a custom blend latte color to show an alternative to the ever-popular white. The hardware is polished nickel with lucite handles.

What adds an extra level of elegance is the faux, creamy taupe leather inserts in both the vanity and wardrobe doors. The floors are fabulous 24×48 porcelain tiles. The larger format tile is a new trend in design that is extremely popular for the serene feel it lends to a space and has the added benefit that the material is a more cost-effective alternative than marble and simpler to install than busy mosaic inserts. Classic Calcutta Gold marble was selected for the countertops. A secret feature of the display is that the beveled mirrors are actually medicine cabinets set on a touch latch. Veronica is a firm believer that you can never have enough storage and countertops look their best when everything is cleanly put away. Her advice is to start the bathroom design process by first selecting the tile that inspires you and build everything else from there. Since so much of a bathroom is tile – it affects all other selections and directs the overall theme to make the finished product feel cohesive and purposeful.

DEANE’s approach is customer service driven. A kitchen, bar, bathroom, butler’s pantry project can be a major undertaking, and having us on your team helps ensure the result you want seamlessly. We are with you every step of the way.

Veronica Campbell, Designer

“A bathroom should always feel clean, and a light color palette is a wonderful way to bring that across in your countertops, flooring and plumbing fixtures. That being said, cabinetry is the ideal place to express color if you’re feeling inspired.  I love the towers flanking the under-mount sinks because they are a non-intrusive, efficient storage solution for all the small products and items typically stored in a bathroom.”

-Veronica Campbell