Modern Serenity

This bathroom transformation embodies the essence of modern aesthetics and luxury finishes, fusing sleek lines and functional elegance to create an oasis of tranquility. The client wanted to embrace minimalist principles while maximizing comfort. Luxurious marble tiles and nickel fixtures reflect the interplay of light, infusing the space with a sense of soothing sophistication. Soft ambient lighting is strategically leveraged to create an atmosphere of serenity, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The focal point of the space is a statement freestanding bathtub. A floating vanity with double sinks maintains a clean, uncluttered look, ensuring that every element has its place and enlarges the feeling of space, with cabinetry hiding laundry hampers and a hair-drying station. The walk-in shower features a built-in bench with a curbless shower and linear drain, and the niche was lit for drama. The designer and homeowner hand-laid each tile before final installation to optimize the veining both in the shower and backsplash wall that cleverly conceals medicine cabinets behind the mirrors, ensuring absolute perfection in this serene oasis.

Old Greenwich, CT

Fordham Marble
Innovative Custom Builders – Ziggy Turczyn