This family of four was relocating from California and renovating their new home. The wife, an interior designer, had a well-defined vision of what she wanted. Decisions were made quickly and decisively, often across time zones. The kitchen has high, vaulted ceilings with exposed beams that are complemented by a large skylight to lend an airy feeling to the space. The many windows in the kitchen limited the placement of upper cabinetry, so dishes were placed in base cabinets with the walk-in pantry handling the bulk of storage needs. A glass-enclosed, walk-in wine cellar, glass-front SubZero refrigerator took up the remainder of available wall space, so freezer drawers and additional freezer/fridge drawers were incorporated into the base cabinetry design. A black, six-burner Cornu Fe and Quartzite Blizzard countertops and chrome hardware complete this dramatic, yet family-friendly effect.

Greenwich, CT

Photographer: Paul Johnson

This home has custom white cabinetry, custom black lacker cabinets, and custom white marble countertops.
This kitchen is complete custom black lacker cabinets, custom white marble countertops and custom flooring.
This custom cabinetry, tiled backsplash, open windows, light fixtures and countertop accessories all combine to make a beautiful kitchen set up.
Beautiful custom cabinetry with stainless steel handles. It also is complete with tiled backsplash underneath and small potted plants as countertop accessories.
Design complete with stainless steel handles adding a modern look to the kitchen, and a great mix between black and white with the accents in the marble.
DEANE Inc wine display, stored in a custom glass case with stainless steel handles.