Ask any real estate professional – they will all agree that the best return on a home improvement project is a kitchen renovation. Often feared as a major disruption, many homeowners can be reluctant to start such a project, but the kitchen is the center of most households, and a fresh look is the perfect way to update your home to reflect your tastes and functional needs.

Personal Style

Inspiration is everywhere. The DEANE design team is highly skilled at capturing our clients’ requests and delivering truly memorable kitchens. Working with our designers ensures a smooth experience that can unlock your home’s potential. Whatever your taste, our goal is to create a space that meets your vision.

Resale Value

An updated kitchen will boost the resale of your home and adds both value and market appeal. If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, the kitchen can play a significant role in how quickly it receives an offer. Homeowners typically recoup more than the money they spent on the remodel, making it an excellent investment.

Energy Efficiency

Are your appliances out-of-date and using unnecessary energy? A remodel is the perfect time to update. From convection ovens to ranges to dishwashers, kitchens are full of appliances draining energy in ways that you may not even realize. Appliances that are over 25 years old won’t be certified with the EPA’s Energy Star Seal, and repairs can be difficult and costly.

Upgrade to Meet Your Needs

Create a space that works for your family’s specific needs. Maybe you’re an avid chef, need more storage, love to entertain, or have a large family? Whatever your needs may be, this is the ideal opportunity to create a kitchen that meets your needs and makes your kitchen the true heart of your home.

Luxury Recycling

DEANE has partnered with Renovation Angel for over 15 years, and our clients value and appreciate that they offer removal solutions that have a significant environmental impact in addition to financial benefits and tax benefits. Over 60% of DEANE projects are donated to Renovation Angel, and we are proud of our efforts in luxury recycling.

Feeling Inspired?

Whether you’ve recently purchased a home and want to personalize it to your tastes, are inspired by recent changes in lifestyle, or simply can no longer bear your old kitchen, our DEANE designers are highly skilled in the art of kitchen transformation. We invite you to visit our Stamford showroom to experience firsthand the latest in design trends and styles and explore the possibilities for your new kitchen.

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