She is passionate about all types of kitchens. If you’re looking for a kitchen designer who is thoughtful about her work, look no further than Veronica Campbell. This accomplished designer at DEANE, one of Fairfield County’s top design firms, just loves the heart of the home. “I am passionate about everything kitchen,” she says. “Designing them, cooking in them, entertaining in them. I get much more pleasure having friends over and cooking than going out.” So, when you work with Veronica, she shares a wealth of knowledge about what works to create a kitchen for different lifestyles.

Mixing Materials for Texture and Interest

Veronica doesn’t have a favorite go-to material. In fact, she likes to layer a room with different textures. “I think it makes it more interesting,” she says. “I prefer natural stone, a mixture of painted cabinetry and stained cabinetry, as well as a mixture of different color metals.” In a recent project she employed natural brick along side stained cabinetry, a stunning blue painted island, a classic Wolf range with a striking mixed metal hood, white lower cabinets and floating shelves. The artful mixture comes together in a warm, inviting way.

Veronica Incorporates Wolf, Sub-Zero and Cove Into All Types of Kitchens

Veronica often employs Wolf, Sub-Zero and Cove appliances in her designs and when asked what her favorite appliance is, she answers without hesitation, “I love Sub-Zero’s column refrigerators and freezers. Finally an option to get the refrigeration capacity that a family needs! I love how I can integrate them right into the design seamlessly.”

She often takes clients to a Clarke Showroom to share the many options they have for kitchen appliances before she starts designing on paper. “You really need to start with the appliances when you are designing, because if you want a gleaming stainless steel and glass Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator that takes us in one direction and making a Sub-Zero column refrigerator disappear into the cabinetry is a very different concept. There are so many great appliances these days and I like to have that conversation early in the process.”

Design Discussions with Veronica

In discussing her design inspiration for all types of kitchens, Veronica says that it is all about her conversation with her client. “I want to find out how they live, what they like (or don’t like), their personal style and what inspires them.” She gets so wrapped up in each project that depending on when you speak with her, she always has a different “favorite kitchen.” She says she’s now using more bold colors and darker colors, which is a new direction in Fairfield County, where white kitchens have been the go-to for many homeowners for the past decade.

She works with many couples who are downsizing, something she has recently done personally, selling her home of 22 years. So, she is familiar with designing for “the next chapter” and is interested in how clients hold onto some things and also want to completely change their style and vibe in others. “I would love to design a very modern kitchen,” she said. Though modern design does not immediately come to mind when thinking of Connecticut, clients are looking for clean lines and lack of clutter, so she thinks her opportunity to express that aesthetic might be on the horizon with an empty nest design.

Veronica’s very personal approach – especially in this challenging time – has taken lots of different directions. Click here to understand how she can work with you while keeping everyone involved safe. In addition, you can also get to know her through a series of DEANE Stamford Showroom tours.

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