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According to a February 2016 article, the Wall Street Journal seems to think so, and we at DEANE agree. We are finding that men are cooking more and more, which means they are getting involved in the kitchen design process in rising numbers.
Here are the trends we’re noticing….

Bold Colors

Dark, rich colors, complemented with black or white.

Beefed-up hardware

We recommend that men come into our showrooms to test pulls and knobs themselves. Big hands need big pulls. We’re also seeing a departure from the usual chrome to more masculine metals like brass and bronze.

Gadget pride

Men tend to love gadgets and don’t want to hide them behind panels or stick to traditional stainless steel. Colorful appliances are trending, too; we’re seeing an uptick in requests to source bright stoves and ranges.

Many Cooks in the Kitchen

The two-sink request reflects a change in kitchen dynamics. Couples are cooking together. Even more so is a departure from the classic sink-fridge-stove triangle. It is all about cooking zones or multiple stations that allow for multiple cooks in the kitchen.

Elevated counters

At least one of them. Some couples are opting to raise their central island to 38 inches (2 inches over standard) to accommodate taller chefs and bar stools while perimeter counters remain the standard 36 inches high. Another way to manage this is by selecting thicker countertops.

Ample entertainment

We’re seeing many requests for wireless sound systems and smart TVs that can be controlled via smartphones.

Super-tough surfaces

While marble countertops are always a classic choice, low-maintenance engineered stone products (which are resistant to stains and scratches) in uniform colors are seeing a huge surge in demand.

Power to spare

Ranges, exhaust systems and dishwashers should be heavy-duty. Keep in mind to choose a hood designed with a high CFM (cubic feet per minute) to complement a powerful stove.

Vent hood clearance

To avoid headbanging of the worst kind, consider installing the hood high (but not so high it’s ineffective). Those few extra 2-3 inches can make a world of difference to a 6 foot tall chef.
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