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As one of the winners of the NKBA Renovation Angel Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards, Pete Deane was asked to participate in the panel “Zero Waste Kitchens – Upcycle and Recycle” on January 20th at KBIS 2020. The panel explored how to effectively think about recycling and upcycling building products.

The concept of luxury recycling resonates with our client base, and they value and appreciate that we offer removal solutions that have a significant environmental impact in addition to financial benefits and tax benefits. Over 60% of DEANE projects are leveraged for Renovation Angel and we are proud of our efforts in luxury recycling. Often our clients are replacing kitchens that are still perfectly serviceable, so Renovation Angel is the perfect partner to help divert millions of pounds of kitchen cabinets, bath fixtures, home furnishings, and architectural elements from landfills. We estimate that to date, DEANE has saved over 200 tons of renovation waste, helping our clients protect the environment while realizing tax breaks and significant cost savings on removal.