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With the kitchen still holding firmly to its position as the heart of the home, designers are moving away from the concept of a “mom desk.” You know, the area at the end of the counter dropped lower than the rest of the countertops and covered in the collective family clutter. With design aesthetics favoring clean, modern space utilization, we believe it is possible to create a place dedicated to hold the family papers, calendar, etc. that can be both functional and beautiful.
Today’s Command Central is consciously built into the kitchen flow, with a seamless countertop line to accommodate today’s trend of standing and working vs. being seated at a desk. File drawers can be incorporated into the cabinetry, while overhead cabinets can be arranged for deeper storage for binders, baskets and organizational containers. Additionally we can designate a specific drawer for a charging station, and face the inside of a cabinet door with cork to hold the family calendar, upcoming event invitations and reminders.
That being said, we understand that sometimes a proper desk can be the best solution in certain layouts. Again, the key to a sleek, elegant space is all about smart design. From workspaces concealed behind hinged doors that look like cabinet uppers but slide back to reveal a computer and shelving to lower cabinetry built to hold file folders – the ideas are limitless and customizable to your family’s needs.
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DEANE Inc work area with custom cabinetry and built in shelving.
DEANE Inc custom work area with custom cabinetry and custom built in shelving for storage.
Workspace with custom cabinetry, custom hardwood flooring, and custom bulletin board backsplash.
DEANE Inc custom workspace with custom cabinetry, shelving and lighting.
DEANE Inc kids office complete with custom cabinetry, built in shelving, and a hot pink backsplash.
Custom DEANE Inc work area with custom cabinetry and shelving for books, calendars and computer.