DEANE Project Designer Mike McCarthy

Meet Our Designers
Mike McCarthy

I have been with DEANE for 18 years and have worked in this industry for 25 years. I hold an Associates’ degree in Architecture which is why I love the challenges of the job; space planning, interior architecture, making the space come alive. It is how we as a team bring all these details and components together that make a kitchen truly memorable and customized to each client. We all enjoy collaborating together to deliver great work and I think it truly comes across in every project.

Concept Drawings

The designers share their concept drawings with us from their conversations with the client and we turn them into first draft plans.

This is the kick-off to any project and a fun ideation process between the client, designers, and project design managers.

Concept Drawing Plan


Our Field Supervisor visits the project locations to take exact field measurements in order to intelligently plan the space.

Regardless of whether it is an existing space being renovated or a new build that is being framed, recording accurate dimensions are key when it is time to order cabinetry and for installation.

Red Line Drawing Plan

Contract Drawings

This is where we bring together concept drawings and field measurements to produce near-final plans that will be used to visualize the finished product.

This is then presented back to the client for review and additional input and modifications.

Production Drawings

These are the final set of plans that serve as the framework for the remainder of the project lifecycle.

These specs are used to order materials, cabinetry, hardware, etc. so it is critical that they are perfect. We do everything possible to minimize any surprises when we install a project.

DEANE Production Drawing Plan


Project Design, kitchen buffet cabinet
Project Design, fridge and desk
DEANE Final Drawing, detail
Project Design, kitchen cabinet
DEANE Final Drawing, detail
Project Design, kitchen island
DEANE Final Drawing, detail